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If The Price Is Right

You're Napara with Phil Bell and go to the Port Tudor, to deal with the Russian. Take a wheelbarrow and go to the docks.

When prompted about whether there are drugs or not, go to the yellow marker the mission.

Call Dmitri and say that it took the drugs, but you can get money from the Russian on the docks, before they realize what it was.


Mr. & Mrs. Bellic

Roman married Mallory and wants to see Niko at the wedding in a good suit.

If you do not have this, then buy it in Purseus, plus do not forget good shoes.

Depending on what decision you have made before, this mission is evolving in two ways.


Out Of Commission

Take a wheelbarrow and meet Jacob and Roman to Alderney.

Next will be katstsena, after which you must pursue a guy Pegorino. The bullets at him you can not spend, it is useless. In the end, you come to the casino mafia.

In katstsene you will be around 15 enemies, who will shoot at the car. Hide behind it and kill anyone you can get to this point, including the guys on the roof of the right.


A Revenger's Tragedy

You come from SMS Jacob, in which he asks to meet with him. As soon as you drove up to him and he sits in a wheelbarrow, you need to follow the guys Pegorino. Jacob thinks that they will lead them to her and Dmitri Pegorino.


Mission for the random characters

Below is the list: random characters in GTA 4, found on the streets of Liberty City and giving Nico vnesyuzhetnye different tasks. With some can be found only in a fixed time, while others are available around the clock. The map indicated a figure of a blue man. Performing missions for everyone except Jeff, Cherise Glover, Ivan Bytchkov, Clarence Little, is mandatory for 100% complete the game.


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GTA 4 Secrets

Collection hint and tricks.

Easy money
In fact, who is Niko Bellic? It is "our" people, who on board in addition to the brain, like all ordinary Americans, there is also savvy. Therefore, it was easy to survive in Liberty City.

Especially in financial terms.

So. In order to get take away money from people, we go to the nearest vending machine. Then make a tube, which was not yet in GTA 4 (ho-hey! ") And that to the area where there is a machine, could not break through the ambulance .

Wait until someone come up to a machine to withdraw money from him. Kill it (I say "his" because I do not doubt - you are a true gentleman and grohnete "her" only in extreme cases). Find the money that had fallen out of the victim.

Then get out of the corner and come back - the money will appear again.

So you can do indefinitely, or, if you died in Napoleon, shoot a machine as much as possible to the people, then it will take time for more money.

Get a T-shirt Statue of Happiness

At the second level, enter the door that will not open. You just need to join it. Game podvisnet for a few seconds. Once there you will leave happy and a T-shirt Statue of Happiness .

Engine Repair

If you horseradish driver and your engine caught wedge (in GTA 4 are possible, and such miracles), then simply dial the phone numbers and any motor again zaurchit to take your broken by the coach to their destination.

Save 5 bucks

GTA 4 Secrets
Do not want to give money for the toll road? Use the official transport (fire, sanitary or police car). Sirens use is not necessarily on duty in any case raise the barrier.

You can use any bike - right enough space to get through there without paying and not paying attention to police themselves.


10 small features that make is impossible not to fall in love in GTA IV

*Various pedestrians
*Garbage bags
*Reactions Niko
*Kill it in time!
*Cops taking cars loan
*Ability to close the car
*Blocked the mission - to hear a new conversation
*Roasted meat Tornado
*No shooting in the club, please

Various pedestrians                                                                                                                                       

It seems that Rockstar in the state had enough people with which they are sculptured prototypes inhabiting Liberty City. It is not known how they were listed in the statements of wages, perhaps "consultants", but nevertheless - the number of different people and situations in which they appear, are striking.

Take the case when you go to someone sitting in a car with a gun in his outstretched hand, aiming it right between the eyes. What do you expect at this point? Either he will jump out of the car and run away, or clicks on the gas and try to crush you. As the saying goes, no Nico - no problem.

But hark! What actually happens? The driver shudders and drops his head on the steering wheel. Damn, we provoked him a heart attack!

It's GTA 4, guys.

Garbage bags                                                                                                                                              

I would like to see an ad to hire for this job: "We seek a 3D-modeller with extensive knowledge in the field of banana peels and cores. Duties: to do things that 1% of the audience will notice. And please, bring with them samples to create models.

Yes, something like this, probably ... Well. If you see garbage bags or something like that in other games, everything is a little different. Try to move a bag and see the truly picturesque heap of rubbish.

It's GTA 4, girls.

Reactions Niko                                                                                                                                            

Nico - a wonderful character. This is a complicated man who blends into the tricky subject line.

But the main thing in this paragraph. It is interesting here that - as Niko responds to facial expressions of other people or something that happened in the game. He can grin, monitor someone with the eyes, start, mock ... it, my friends, alive!

And if the other games, the characters actually trying to look like living people, rather than bags of bones, just in time katstsen, Nico everywhere like that.

It's GTA 4, grandfather!

Kill it in time                                                                                                                                                

If you kill the man after he uses the ATM - money he will have more than the average resident of Liberty (besides, there is one feature ).

It is a bit over the entire game. Why are there! It is generally unnoticed in the background thousandth of traffic and tall skyscrapers.

But this time make life inside the game one step closer to realism.

What is it? GTA 4, Grandma!

Cops taking cars loan                                                                                                                                   

When you get behind the wheel of someone else's car, this action is called "hijacking". When do the police, the "loan" for a time, so to speak, perform their official use.

As if you were not angry with the police raid, but it's great when hiking cop takes first got the car and starts to haunt you. Less brings joy the fact that you can burn directly to a safe apartment. And then ... Do not get me wrong, if the police will like Infernus, you were looking for a whole month, and now a speck of dust from his blows.

This feature (or arrogance?) Police can lead to an amusing incident. For example, the author of this article (and it is translated, as you know), once amused by the fact that accelerated, jumped from a springboard for his Landstalker Well, actually, trying to catch kicks. But once he got (down) on a group of people in the park, who did not share his joy and called the police.

A policeman was nearby. As you may guess, he decided to borrow the vehicle for the prosecution. And he took the same! Chase was very funny, considering that the cop chased the offender for Faggio .

That's GTA 4, my son!

Ability to close the car                                                                                                                                  

Everyone knows what to do in order to enter or exit the car. When the radio, for example, you can enjoy such a thing as it sounds in the distance. Believe me, it's very interesting to depart or enter from different sides, to listen to distorted radio in the street.

So. But few know that if the output Squeezing and holding this button the door, then Nico suck and close the car.

When you complain about that, they say, cars disappear, then that's just the way it helps to keep them in their places. Well, at least, few people will try to steal it (the same cop).

And this is GTA 4, my sister.

Blocked the mission - to hear a new conversation                                                                                        

One of the things that infuriated almost everyone, I'm not afraid of the word, in the Grand Theft Auto - the obligation to listen to the arguments of characters a second, third, fourth, etc. time (it all depends on the curvature of your hands) when replaying.

Here everything is different. The most conservative estimate, for each mission has at least three different dialogue, monologue, the dispute, in short - the conversation.

These are the cakes in GTA 4, countryman.

Roasted meat                                                                                                                                              

Everyone loves to eat. Neither Nico, nor residents of Liberty here is no exception. Usually, the most popular and affordable way to fill up your stomach, but at the same time to empty your pocket, are Fastfoods.

These stalls are many of the city. But what is interesting - you are ever asked the question on what they are preparing their crappy high calorie sandwich? Kind of like electrical wires near is not observed.

In fact, sellers are using gas. Propane. And a lot of fun to shoot for cylinders from a safe distance. Trust and verify.


During bad weather on the ground you can see small tornadoes.

They will kill you in Oz, but look nice.

No shooting in the club, please                                                                                                                    

If you are going to get to a strip club, phone and activate the "Camera", sending it to the girls, they will flee from you in all directions. But nabegutsya guards, who do not care who you are or where Niko world chess champion.

Very realistic, is not it? Who wants to then with his mother witness the photo of his chest in the morning newspaper.